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Take a look at these projects that TRB Digital Services is currently working on.

Flagship Digital Magazine focused on local interests.

GoYorkton is a local Digital Magazine that is focused on promoting our local city.  It is a great example using content focused on providing useful information about interests and activities in Yorkton.  The concept can be adapted to almost any type of business.

Dudes Cooking Food - project showcasing video content.

Dudes Cooking Food is a Cooking/Recipe site that focuses on producing videos to show people how to prepare food.  We are using social media to distribute and advertise all of our videos.  We have a very large Instagram following and have also created Youtube and Facebook followings as well.

About TRB

I'm Tim Bomboir, and I created TRB Digital Services.  TRB Digital Services produces educational, useful and fun products for the Internet.  I've been creating, building, and developing websites since 1999.

My main focus online now is Digital Publishing. I believe that online websites should provide value and education for their visitors.

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