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Getting Started

Do you need a website?

I can help, and for a limited time, I will build your new site for you for FREE.

So here’s how it works.

** Affiliate links – this is how I get compensated – it makes no difference to your cost to get started, but the links below are called affiliate links – they take you to the “BEST” resources that I use for all of my sites.  I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and after trials and tribulations, these are the only ones that I would recommend at this time – based on actual experience.

You need 3 things before I (or you) can build your website.

  1.  Domain Name – Use Namecheap for this – they are the easiest to use and manage.  Find your name, and register it.  (keep track of the emails that they send you back and the usernames and password you select – these will be important)
  2. Hosting – You can either bundle your domain name with your hosting using Namecheap for both (I do this for a lot of my sites and have had excellent success).  This makes it even easier for managing later on.  Or you can do with an even more robust hosting company, and for that, I would recommend Siteground.  Again, I use these guys and have found that they have fantastic customer support if needed, and offer a great hosting option.
  3. Theme – in order to make your site look fantastic and professional, you will need a theme.  I recommend buying a theme from StudioPress.  I use this theme for one of my premium sites.  Browse around using the links below and pick a fantastic professional theme for your new website.

Here’s what you’ll get,

The price is usually $399.00, but right now it’s FREE. It includes:

  • Setting your primary DNS to point to your website
  • Creating a database and installing WordPress on your domain
  • Installing your chosen theme
  • Installing security plugins
  • Installing a backup plugin
  • Installing your header image (if that ability is included in your theme) or setting up header text
  • Creating one Custom Menu
  • Creating one email address on your domain

Now that you have the basics covered, sign up below and I’ll send you the details you need to claim your FREE website, and I’ll send you some tools, tips, and info to make your site a huge success. (don’t worry, no spam, only good stuff, and cancel anytime – I won’t be offended)

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