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Is your website converting the way it should be? This is a tough question for most local businesses.  You may not know what your sales process is, or even have a idea of how it works. That’s ok, it’s not your job to know, you’re busy running a business and you probably hired a web designer to build your website, thinking that they would just look after your sales process when they made your site.

How Do You Define Sales?

You likely have had an email, or a phone call (or many emails and phone calls) telling you that you need traffic for your site. That may be true, but it may also not be the time to send traffic to your site.  Without clearly defining what “sales” mean to you, buying traffic will likely be like flushing money down your toilet.

Depending on your business “sales” could mean many things online.  You definitely want leads, and those leads could be;

  • Prospects
  • Customers
  • Clients
  • checkPatients

Those are types of leads for various types of businesses.

After you capture a lead, you want to make a conversion.  An online conversion is not always a sale. It could be;

  • getting an email address
  • receiving a phone call
  • having someone actually show up at your physical location
  • having someone fill out an online form

At TRB Digital Services,

we start by helping you optimize what’s happening in your marketing to take advantage of all the traffic you’re already getting, before we go out and get more traffic.

Is your phone number on your website?  Sounds kind of obvious, but you would be surprised to see how many website have been designed to have the phone number blend in.  Make it stand out, and get your designer to put it in the top right corner. Here’s a free tip: Upper right, big and bright. That’s where your phone number should be.


Upper right, big and bright. That’s where your phone number should be.

Do you like cookies?  Cookies are a piece of computer code that you should have inserted in your website to help you track your visitors. This code is very handy for retargeting.  Retargeting is the term that’s used when advertisers show you their ads, after you visit their site. It’s very popular and very effective for helping you build and increase brand loyalty.  Even if you are not ready to run these ads, you should be using the cookies to start gathering data for later.

You’ll know you have visited a site with them installed, when you suddenly start seeing ads for that site on other sites shortly after your web visit.

Another important question to ask yourself, or more importantly, your visitors online, is it easy to navigate on your website? Can you easily find what you are looking for?  Is the menu easy to see and use?

You may have the most beautiful website there is, but if it doesn’t function from a marketing perspective, it will be virtually useless. Your purpose for a website is to market your business, and communicate with your customers, clients, or patients.

TRB Digital builds websites that look good, are professional, and function well for your business.

3 Important Website Considerations

Let’s look a 3 more important considerations every website should have. They all work together to make your visitors experience the best that it can be.

  1. Text – some people are mainly readers.  They look at the text, but they usually don’t read every word.  They scan and look for headings, subheadings, and other things that catch their attention.  It’s vital to organize your content for these readers. TIP: Don’t have huge block if text with little or no white space or headings.
  2. Pictures – a lot of people look to the images of the page or site to tell the story for them. TIP: Make your pictures relevant and include as many as possible.
  3. Video – Most local businesses do not include video on their site.  It can be confusing to add, and take time to edit for the web. Video builds up a sense of trust, and helps connect your business with your visitors.

Include all 3 of these elements in your website. Your designer should be able to help you, but if you would like to talk more about this feel free to contact us at TRB Digital and we’ll help you get on the right track to success.

Next, let’s talk about credibility.  You need your future clients to know that your current clients are happy.  Testimonials are good, but reviews are better. Be proud of your successes, and post your reviews front and center for your visitors to see.

mobile usage is hot

Make sure your site is mobile friendly.

Are you mobile friendly? Take a good look at your site on your cell phone.  We are getting to a point now where most of the visits to your site will be on mobile devices. You need to be aware that this is important and your site needs to be designed for mobile as well as desktop.

Let’s Get Technical

The last few import parts of your website which help you develop your sales processes are a little more technical, but they are hugely important to give you the snapshots you need to make good decisions and plan future marketing.


You need google analytics to measure your visits, visitors, demographics, and other things.  Another really nice thing to use is heat mapping. This will give you a very detailed analysis of where exactly on your site your visitors go.  Which then helps streamline and refine your design in the future.

If you’re still reading at this point, you’re totally pumped right now to go out and make your site better, or you’re confused and may be wondering how can I do all this?  That’s where we come in. If you want more help, TRB Digital Services is here.

Contact us today, and let’s get started.


Let’s talk about your business – no obligation, sales pitch, or strings attached.