Email Is The Number One Marketing Strategy Every Business Should Use

21January 2017

“Email is the greatest thing.” - Wally Amos

Let's take a look at the often neglected and misunderstood email.

It’s the single most effective way to communicate with your clients.

The funny thing is - most businesses still don’t use email effectively!

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and the next new social media platform are all alive and well. They would have us believe that email is dead. It’s not!

It’s time for your business to embrace email.

The Stats Don’t Lie

So I can’t repeat it enough. Email is alive. It is the most important thing that should be on your mind when you're creating content for your business. It’s your foot in the door.

Take a look at the stats below;

From McKinsey - Why marketers should keep sending you emails -

McKinsey says that email is 40 times more effective than other forms of social media (Facebook and Twitter).

Facebook is most commonly known as a community (or social network), but you have to use your email when you join, and they hit you up with emails all the time when people post or message you.

From Campaign Monitor - 70 Email Marketing Stats Every Marketer Should Know -

Campaign Monitor looked at ROI and found that for every $1 spent on email, the return is $38. That’s incredible. I can’t think of any money manager who could get that kind of return. If you have the time to read the full article, it’s worth checking out in more detail.

From Smart Insights - Email Marketing Statistics 2016 -

Smart Insights looked at Open rates for small business and this screenshot (which only includes a small portion of the businesses) show 20%+ Open rates. That provides an incredible opportunity for your business if you take advantage of it.

The point is - some people predicted that email would go down in effectiveness. The opposite is true. You can find loads more stats if your still not convinced, but I’m content to accept the facts, and move on to learning how to use email effectively.

One last stat I'd like to look at focuses on mobile, or smart phones.

From Business Insider - 90% of 18-29 Year-Olds Sleep With Their Smartphones -

This article on Business Insider was written in 2012. But I would venture a guess, that it’s still relative in terms of accuracy. Even if those numbers have gone down (I suspect they may have actually gone up) - they’re still really high. This leads to some other alarming health issues - but that's for another topic.

Smart Phones have penetrated the market and are here to stay. They are a worldwide phenomenon and continue to grow in use everywhere. They are becoming more and more affordable and people use and rely on them as if they were another appendage.

From Catalyst - The Evolving Mobile Market in 2015 -

Millennials are a particularly interesting group to look at. The are aged 18-24 and most people feel they are a predictor of the future. 63% are using their smartphones as their primary device for reading email, as we see from above, 90% sleep with their phones.

Understanding how big email can be for your business is the first step. Now let’s look at how to use it properly. Getting email addresses is not that easy, but it can be done with the correct focus.

Value is the Key

In order to get that email address from your client, you need to provide solid content. Your business provides a product or a service, and when people find you online - they are looking for information about you.

I’m an educator, so I focus a lot on education. But the reality online is that everyone is looking for information, and education about your business is crucial. You need to get into the mindset of your client and deliver what they want. It sounds easy, but it can get complicated.

Not all content is equal. When someone opts in to your emails, they expect content focused to their needs - based on what your business provides.

What Do You Do After They Subscribe?

After you get the email - that’s when the real journey begins. Communication between you and your email list is so important. Ask questions, and listen to answers.

If you can, and your business lends itself to it, the best way to use your list, and to get subscribers to your list, is to offer a community feeling. I like courses. They provide both education for your subscribers, and they also give you the platform to really share your business and become more intimate. People will build up more trust and see you (or your business as an authority).

As an online learner, and an online educator, I love the online course platform. But you can also use email to deliver your course as well. Drip feed your content with preset responders so you keep constant engagement with your list. This is a good way to build up trust as well.

Does your website utilize email strategies?

 Are you actively engaging your email subscribers?  

If you would like more information about how to maximize your online marketing efforts, subscribe to my list and contact me - I love to help businesses succeed online.

Email Is The Number One Marketing Strategy Every Business Should Use
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Email Is The Number One Marketing Strategy Every Business Should Use
Email is still very relevant for all online business strategy. Learn about how to use it as a large part of your overall strategy.
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