Three Hot Tips For Your Experiential Website

4February 2017

In a day and age of customized experiences galore and savvy consumers, websites must adapt to their changing audiences. Gone are the days when a simple, easy-to-navigate menu bar and page after page of informative material (a digital pamphlet) suffice as a standard for your web presence. Consumers now are much more interested in a custom, interactive experience that leaves them with a positive view of your brand and the products or services that your website sells.

Key Takaways

The days of just putting a stale "pamphlet" site you need to create a website that gives your business and your brand an internet presence your visitors will remember.

The experiential website is key to bridging the gap from an informative-but-drab web browsing session to a long-lasting impression that will invite users to your site again and again.

Look Through Your Visitor's’ Eyes

Take a thorough look at your site as if you’ve never seen it before. Start on the home page and take a journey through your pages, blog posts, company history pages, and whatever else you’ve got. Is it impressive? Does each page draw you in and make you want to see more?

Remember, the longer a visitor spends browsing your site and getting to know your brand, the more likely you are to make a sale or get repeat traffic that ultimately ends in a sale. You want to make your site stand out for all of the right reasons. Can’t get a good feel for what your visitors see, even after you’ve taken your own self-guided journey? Invite a friend or colleague to take a look and give you their impression of your pages, as well as ideas for how your site could improve to be more visitor-friendly.

Engage on Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are leaders in drawing new visitors to your site and exposing them to your brand. Creating interactive media through pictures, infographics and short videos can help your visitors to better understand your brand and the products that you have to offer. Follows, re-tweets and social shares are all ways to increase traffic to your site and product sales. Include sharing widgets on every page and post to encourage organic social media posts from your followers.

Offer Something Unique

Once you have an idea of the places you need to clean up, give your visitors what they’re really looking for. Instead of offering a plain old “Subscription” page with a nondescript form that politely asks for an email address that 99-percent of your visitors are going to ignore, design a pop-up (some people hate pop ups, but they work) that offers something of value, aguide, ebook, report, or my favorite, a free course from your site in exchange for an email address. Give your visitors something they want - something to whet their appetite to discover more of what you have to offer - and soon you’ll see the sales come rolling in.

Making your website interactive and visitor-centric is a positive step for your site and your brand. In an era where brand ownership is high and consumers are looking for opportunities to become involved in brands and products they believe in, your experiential website is the answer to attracting more web traffic and loyal followers.

Three Hot Tips For Your Experiential Website
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Three Hot Tips For Your Experiential Website
The days of just putting a stale "pamphlet" site you need to create a website that gives your business and your brand an internet presence your visitors will remember.
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