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Your business is the star

At TRB Digital your business is the STAR.

We use a proven blueprint to analyze your business and make sure that you have all of your bases covered with your online strategy. We can guide you at whatever step you are along the process.  Let’s take a closer look at the STAR blueprint and break down each part. Remember as your you reading, that each part of the STAR is part of the foundation of your business, and without a good foundation, you can’t have a solid house.

S – Sales

The first thing that you need to focus on is Sales.  Sales refers to the offer that your business is making to your clients, customers, patients, or whoever you serve in your business.

You might want to make a sale, have someone sign up for your email list, click a link on Facebook, visit a specific web page, become a donor, or sign up to be a volunteer.  It all depends on your particular business or organization. Your first step is always to make your offer.

It’s not uncommon to have sales people beating down your door, trying to sell you services.  Most of the time they want to help you get traffic – more specifically, sell you traffic. Traffic is wasted on a site that doesn’t have a clear well crafted offer.

You need to ask these questions:

  • What do we need to do to convert leads?
  • What type of followup do you have set up?
  • What type do you need?
  • checkIs your phone number on your website?
  • checkDo you need (have) videos?

Once you have your offer tested and converting, then it’s time for more traffic.

T – Traffic

Paid advertising, SEO for search rankings, increasing ranking for your Amazon products; those are all traffic activities.

Traffic is the lifeblood of increased sales, and with the correct strategies it doesn’t have to cost you the house to increase your traffic.  We use industry best practices to help your business increase traffic. It’s all about scale and ROI.

The focus is targeted traffic and targeted people!

A – Amplification

Knowing what you’re doing right, and increasing those things. It’s the smallest things that done right, with have the greatest impact on your business.

Similar the the volume on a guitar amp, we are increasing the volume of our proven strategies to crank up sales.

As an example – we will really examine an existing offer and figure out how to optimize it further to convert more people.

Another strategy is to look at your existing customers and analyze their needs to find more services that can be provided.  The old adage that it’s harder to find a new customer that it is to keep your existing ones happy rings loud and true. Take advantage of the connections and relationships that you have already built.

Ask yourself these questions;

  • What are you doing to stay in front of your clients (customers)?
  • How can you make the message bigger?

R – Reputation

You work hard to build your brand.  Now you need to protect it!

Your online reputation is critical to your future success.  We can help you build and systematize reviews and testimonials. Making sure you are brand registered on Amazon for example, so your listing don’t get hijacked.

It’s all about 5 star reviews and testimonials!

Call TRB Digital Services today for your initial consultation using the STAR blueprint as the proven guide for your online business.

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